April 2022 Dossier

Folk Horror: Yerel Kâbuslar, Küresel Furyalar

Folk Horror: Local Nightmares, Global Trends

Altyazı has been Turkey’s leading film magazine since 2001, championing cinephile culture and promoting independent filmmaking. Starting its life under the aegis of Boğaziçi University, Altyazı became fully independent in March 2019 and evolved into a non-profit NGO (namely, Altyazı Cinema Association), advocating freedom of expression and democratic values in the field of cinema. As an independent film magazine and an essential online platform (e-mag, website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) reaching over 200K followers, Altyazı’s mission in the contemporary media landscape in Turkey is two-fold. Firstly, offering original and critical content on national and international film culture has been a priority of Altyazı as a film magazine since its foundation. Secondly, on a broader level, Altyazı Cinema Association as an NGO actively cooperates with filmmakers, critics, cinephiles, festivals, and other civil society organisations to strengthen their critical voices for a more democratic cultural scene.