Kim Ki-young @ Nottingham Broadway

“When you autopsy human nature, black blood will flow out. That is what we call desire.”

– Kim Ki-young

Working with Broadway Cinema (Nottingham) and the Korean Film Archive, we’re pleased to present a mini season devoted to Korean master Kim Ki-young. Highly respected by contemporary filmmakers like Bong Joon-ho (ParasiteSnowpiercer) and Park Chan-wook (The HandmaidenOldboy), Kim Ki-young is one of the most influential directors to come out of Korea. Sometimes labelled as ‘cinema of diabolical desire & death’, Kim’s intense and excessive films stood far apart from his peers and left an indelible legacy on the region’s cinema.

This season is curated by Dr. Nikki Lee (Senior Lecturer in Asian Media) and this project’s PI Dr. Cüneyt Çakırlar (Assoc. Prof. in Film and Visual Culture), and supported by the Korean Film Archive and NTU School of Arts and Humanities.

Çakırlar will introduce the screening of Ioedo (1977) – one of the important films that has inspired Çakırlar’s anti-canonising ambition to frame the “folk horror revival” in international/transnational settings.